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5 Tips to find the best Physician for your family

How to find the best physician for your family?

Your primary care physician is a go-to doctor for all your health care needs.  They not only treat you but advise you, educate you and guide you in making the most vital decisions regarding your family’s health and overall well-being.

Thus, it is extremely important to keep a good family physician on your speed-dial with whom you can openly discuss your health, genetic issues and well-being advisory. But how to find one? There might be numerous doctors around you claiming to be the best for you and with primary health care there’s no room for A/B testing.

So here’s your guide to find the perfect health care partner for you and your loved ones.

Recommendations & Reviews

Recommendations from friends and families are a good old way to make an informed decision. Learning from others’ experiences gives better insights into a doctor’s treatment and staff. Adding to it, one can also rely on posted reviews on Google & sites like  Practo. Researching through internet reviews is an excellent way to be doubly sure of the doctor’s credibility.


Pricey health care consultation is not always a benchmark. Your primary health care physician for your family is a person you’re frequently in touch with, and not everyone can afford expensive consultations now and then. Most importantly, the perfect physician is the one who is empathetic towards all sections of society. Thus, look for a reasonable primary care specialist who is widely recommended by people of every economic background.


Availability & Accessibility of your family Physician

Before choosing your doctor, calculate the logistics first. Will the doctor be easily accessible, especially during emergencies? Are the OPD hours feasible for me? Is he/she readily available over a call? How long do they take to revert?

Is there an online portal to book appointments? Thus, accessibility of the primary care provider is something you should not miss out on.

The Internal Team & Staff

Clinical and non-clinical staff also represent the credibility of a doctor. We must be sure that the primary care physician has a good internal team to whom you can connect in case of emergencies and the doctor’s unavailability.

Associated with a Hospital

You might overlook this point while searching for a good physician near you. Good doctors are often affiliated with good hospitals. For instance, Dr. Omkar Singh is an Internal Medicine consultant at Smart Hospital in Ghaziabad while also a practicing physician in the same district. Thus, he’s widely recommended by the people in his radius. Therefore, this is a vital point to note because a physician associated with a hospital or medical institute can connect you with a pool of healthcare services you might need for you or your loved ones.

How to find the Best Physician in Ghaziabad?

There are numerous physician clinics In Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh but Dr. Omkar Singh at the Smart Hospital ticks all the boxes for your primary health care physician. You can visit him from 11:AM-2:00 PM every day at the Smart Hospital Ghaziabad and make an informed decision for all your health care needs.



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