5 Ways to Change a Bad Habit Permanently

5 Ways to Change a Bad Habit Permanently

5 Ways to Change a Bad Habit Permanently

Habits make or break a person. They form the core of our existence, they govern our present and determine our future.  Yet, if we know something is bad for us, why can’t we just stop doing it? 75% of smokers say they would like to quit smoking.  Alcohol and drug addicts fail to give up their addictions.  Whereas many of us are struggling to switch to a healthy lifestyle, inculcating healthy eating habits. So why don’t we just do it?

Breaking a bad habit takes more than just writing a goal on a piece of paper.  It requires rigorous brain training, an essential environment, and strong willpower.  Switching habits are indeed a very hard nut to crack, but not impossible.

so here are Five simple ways to change a bad habit permanently and build healthier ones.

Become Self-Aware

The first step towards bringing a change in yourself is to become aware of your habits and their root causes. Invest time in tracking the time and trigger of your habits.  For e.g. most smokers feel the need of smoking right after meals. So one must note down things like:

  • When does the habitual behavior happen?
  • What is it feel like?
  • Does it happen in a sequence?

Set Realistic Goals

Do not commit more than you can handle. Set small but realistic goals.  For e.g if you smoke 4-5 cigarettes a day and aim to quit it within a week, is highly unreal and will bring disappointment only.  The better plan is to plan a 30-day model and set incremental goals.

Reward Yourselves

Positive reinforcement is important to build new habits.  We feel appreciated when we’re rewarded even for the bare minimum effort. Create a motivational environment for yourself like treat yourself a jar of cookies (or your favorite dessert) when you strike your weekly goal. The idea here is to establish incentives and motivate yourself to keep it going.

Seek a Friend’s Support

Habits become easier to follow when there’s someone to oversee it.  Thus it is always recommended to hold a close friend accountable for the habit you wish to discard.  Make it a point to choose someone who  discourages your cravings and cheers you at every small win.

Make Therapist your Friend

At times habits are deeply embedded in your existence that you fail to tap the root cause, follow your goals or simply can’t help falling into patterns.  A professional therapist can recue you with a mix of medication and motivational interviews.  At the beginning you might feel reluctant about reaching out a therapist but it’s a sure shot way

Where can I find a Therapist in Ghaziabad?

Habits play an important role in our overall health– physical and mental and not always can you mend your habits on your own. If you live in Ghaziabad or Noida and need therapy, consider consulting Dr. Asish Kumar Shah serving at Smart Hospital with years of experience in helping people make mindful choices and building productive habits.


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