World Asthma Day

Busting Myths About Asthma

On the occasion of  World Asthma Day, we’re here to bust some common myths about asthma and how one should go about its treatment. 

 You must have heard about Asthma, a respiratory disease that causes inflammation in the lungs leading to breathlessness. Although this disease has been prevalent in our society for a long time, people still believe in some of its misconceptions. It is crucial to address these points so that you don’t fall prey to such myths, as they may increase the severity of an asthmatic patient or prevent them from leading an everyday life. Here are a few prevalent beliefs that need to be debunked: 

Medications Only Work During An Asthma Attack

The asthmatic medicines prescribed by your doctor are more effective when you take them regularly. Many medical specialists previously recommended simply ingesting steroids during an attack. However, many experts now believe that regularly taking medicine is much more helpful. It is even preferable to continue taking the prescription on days when you feel fine. It is a sure-fire approach to effectively controlling and managing an attack.

One Treatment Can Work For All Asthmatics

Each Asthma patient is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all treatment regimen. Their problem location, stimuli, and signs are unique, necessitating a customised  treatment approach. As a result, each patient’s reaction to Asthma treatment and medications may vary. It is because what suits one person might not suit another, and vice versa. As a consequence, it is wise to avoid the misconceptions.

Asthma Goes Away With Time

That’s one of the most illogical myths regarding the disease. You will likely have the symptoms for the rest of your life if you develop this chronic condition. The intensity of your symptoms, however, varies depending on heredity, stimulation, and treatment. Your symptoms can go into remission, which means you won’t have any symptoms for months or years. It’s still critical to follow your long-term control drugs exactly as prescribed and to have a quick-relief inhaler on standby in case your symptoms reappear. 

Exercise Can Only Worsen The Problem

Exercise is one of the most common causes that trigger asthma. Paediatricians can effectively assist an asthmatic person in managing his asthma to the point where he may engage in physical activity and other strenuous activities. Researchers have found that doing exercise can strengthen the lungs and help in asthma control. 

Asthma is A Psychological Problem

That is not at all true. Asthma is a disease which affects your respiratory system rather than your brain. You might feel a breathing problem during anxiety attacks, but any fear does not result in the disease. It is only related to the issues occurring in the lungs. 

Inhaled Steroids Have Severe Side Effects

Inhaled steroids can help you have fewer asthma attacks and fewer hospital visits for the related problems. Steroids are generally safe and have few adverse effects that may be endured or controlled. Long-term relief is possible with inhaled steroids. 


Asthma is a chronic disease; therefore, it requires ongoing treatment and medication. Despite having the condition, you can lead a healthy life with some alterations in your lifestyle and habits. Smart Hospital in Ghaziabad gives you top-class health facilities and the best specialised doctors for asthma. So, if you face any issues, then opt for Smart Hospital to resolve it.

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