How to Ensure Newborn Baby’s Health in Summer?

Ensure Newborn Baby’s Health in Summers

Maintaining a baby’s health in summer can be hard. The blazing heat is harsh on both, the babies and the adults. Adult bodies can adapt to such climatic conditions by stabilizing the internal body temperature. Simple processes like sweating can help us stay cool despite the elevating temperature. However, the infant bodies are different and need extra care for their health.


Here are Pediatrician recommended tips to ensure a newborn baby’s health during the summers.


Feed more Milk For Better Baby’s Health

A healthy diet is most important during the harsh seasons. Since the baby cannot take solid food, it is important we ensure enough nutrition from the mother’s milk and water. So frequently feed your newborn with breastmilk to avoid any dehydration. Your baby’s immunity is minimal at six months and below, therefore you must safeguard them. To avoid infections, water must be distilled and properly sanitary before consumption. Maintaining basal temperature is essential for a baby’s health in the summer. If you’re drinking bottled water, double-check the sealing. 


Watch out for the Signs Of Dehydration 

Look for indications of dehydration in your newborn. Observe your baby’s urine yield as well as any other symptoms of dehydration, such as vomiting, fever, diarrhea, dizziness, inability to consume water, no damp nappy for more than six hours, extreme tiredness or fussiness, no tears while crying, and dry mouth and lips. 


Protect from the Prickly Heat For Better Baby’s Health

Rashes are very common during warm humid weather.  It occurs due to heavy sweating, which blocks sweat glands and locks sweat under the skin, and leads to visible red bumps or sores. As the sweat glands in babies are smaller and their soft skin folds often, making them vulnerable to prickly red rashes. Blankets, heavy clothing, swaddles, and wet diapers are other reasons that may cause rashes and discomfort to your child. It’s best to keep the child in a cool area. Loose and light clothes can help in keeping the temperature low. Also, do not use rash creams without a prescription. 


Avoid too much Cooling 

It may seem impossible to survive without Air Conditioners in the months of May & June. However, one must always be susceptible to the use of cooling devices in your infant’s presence. To maintain your child’s basal temperature, keep the AC temperature 22- 25°C. In case you use an air cooler then it is important to maintain the hygiene of the appliance. Furthermore, clean the wet head of your newborn with a wet cloth or damp wipe before exposing him/her to the AC.   


Avoid Going Outdoors For Better Baby’s Health 

Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., the sun’s rays are at their most intense, so it’s preferable to avoid going outdoors with your child during this time. If it’s truly required, make certain you take all necessary safeguards. The skin of a baby is especially vulnerable to the sun’s rays. If you go out, especially at midday, make sure your infant is fully protected. Use a baby-friendly sunblock to protect them from the sun’s damaging rays and opt for full sleeves clothing. You can take an umbrella with you for extra protection. 


Consider seeing a doctor if your child is showing signs of dehydration or has a persistent rash or diarrhea. Any discomfort caused to your child due to harsh weather conditions demands the doctor’s attention.

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