How to Stay Healthy & Fit as you Age?

Here’s how senior citizens can stay healthy?

Do you get overwhelmed when you see your elderly parents?

Do they have any medical ailments or mobility issues?

Do you believe things could have turned out differently for them?

According to estimates, India will have 330 million people aged 60 and up by 2050, accounting for 18% of the total population. Medical practitioners believe that persons who practiced healthy habits as children grow up to be healthy seniors, but it is never too late to start. Even seniors who are prone to disease or have not made their health a priority in the past might benefit from good health habits. Here are some helpful hints for navigating elder health.

Simple Healthy Living Tips for Senior Citizens

As you become older, your health starts to suffer. A happy attitude, healthier lifestyle choices, and a healthy diet, on the other hand, can help slow down the aging process and help you live longer. Please pass along these healthy living tips to your parents and senior relatives:

Stay Active

Moderate forms of exercise like brisk walking, jogging, basic warm-up moves can prevent some common chronic diseases like heart diseases, Type-2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and multiple other malignancies. Staying healthier in your older years also reduces the risk of dementia and other cognitive disorders.

Focus on Your Diet

A well-balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, and protein and low in meat, sugar, and processed foods improves cell function and slows the aging process.

Get Quality Sleep

Sleep deprivation has a negative impact on your memory, emotions, weight, and even looks. It can be more difficult to fall and stay asleep as you become older, but you still require the same number of hours. If you have any sleep problems, consult your doctor.

Quit Tobacco & Alcohol

According to various researches conducted around the world drinking and smoking habits increases the risk of heart & lung diseases exponentially.

Prioritize Prevention

Regular health check-ups, annual cancer screenings, and other lab tests can diseases that run in families must all be included in the elderly’s healthcare. Seniors should see their doctors and examine their medications on a regular basis.

Do Not Neglect Mental Health

Loneliness can contribute to feelings of anxiety and sadness, especially at this age. Spend time with your family and friends, even if it means communicating digitally. Apart from that, crossword puzzles, sudoku, wordle, reading, and exploring new activities can all assist to engage the mind and boost mental health.

Exercise Tips for Senior citizens

It’s never too late to start exercising and getting fit, regardless of your age or physical condition. With age, people’s pace slows and they tend to become sedentary. Health issues, aches, and pains, as well as fears of injuries or falls, may make you feel discouraged. An active lifestyle is more crucial than ever as you become older. Here are a few of the advantages of exercising for your health:

  • Helps you maintain a healthy weight
  • Enhance Flexibility & balance
  • Improve sleep cycle
  • Boost your mood & Confidence

No matter what age you are, it’s never too late or too early to start taking care of your health.  One must always listen to their body, slow down when troubled, go for annual check-ups, eat good and opt for a healthy lifestyle. Doctors at Smart Hospital in Ghaziabad are always here to attend to all your medical concerns with care & expertise.

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