Smart Hospital Doctors In Ghaziabad Treat A Rare Cobra Bite Case

Recently, the doctors at Smart Hospital, Ghaziabad saved a child with a rare cobra bite. The patient was brought to the hospital under emergency in an unconscious state after he was denied proper treatment by two hospitals in the Delhi-NCR region. The senior paediatrician at the hospital Dr Naved Akhtar took charge of the case and provided every possible treatment at a minimal cost.

As per the latest survey, every year, over 1.30 lakh people around the world die from snakebites and up to 4 lakh are left permanently disabled due to a lack of proper diagnosis and treatment.  The World Health Organisation (WHO) claims that because of their smaller body mass than adults, children are more susceptible to the poisonous consequences of snake bites. Since it includes neurotoxins that disrupt nerve signals, snake venom is harmful. The potential risk of a snake bite includes organ failure, tissue damage, bleeding and paralysis. So the situation here was quite critical. On top of it, the child was already denied treatment.

Smart Hospital has resources that many hospitals lack, including defibrillators, ventilators, anti-snake venom doses, and well-trained staff.  Despite the fact that significant time was lost by the time the patient reached the hospital, the doctors at Smart Hospital, Ghaziabad were able to save the child, which is no less than a miracle. The child had been in an unconscious state for more than 6 hours and was allocated to the premium OPD of the hospital. The case was taken by the senior paediatrician— Dr Naved Akhter who holds over a decade of experience in treating children. He immediately administered the child an antivenom and started the treatment. The patient was then able to recover quickly from the snake bite injury.

The parents of the patients were not aware of the kind of snake that bit the child, only the patient saw a black snake. Later the hospital staff was able to find out that it was a rare cobra bite making the situation life-threatening. It was very important to give the right anti-venom to the patient on time and the doctors at Smart Hospital were able to do so. The hospital staff was skilled enough to not only discover the right species but also was quick to give the right services even in a short time. Doctors regularly examined the child and updated his health status with his parents. The amenities and services provided by the hospital met the expectations of the patient’s parents.

This wasn’t the first time that Smart doctors overwhelmed people with their medical treatment capacity. Right after the establishment of the hospital in 2019, the Covid-19 pandemic took the world by storm but the doctors and the staff stood firm on the frontline and treated thousands of patients from metropolises and rural areas at a minimal cost.  The venerable doctors at Smart Hospital, Ghaziabad have solved over a dozen critical cases in a very short period.  The cases include operating a 2.5kg ovarian lump, vaginitis (woman with no vagina), paediatric keyhole surgery, neurosurgery, and treating acute celphos poisoning with 11 rounds of dialysis and intensive monitoring. The Smart Hospital is especially well known for its Diabetes treatment by the Diabetologist and general physician Dr Omkar. The hospital has set up one of its kind healthcare ecosystems by offering world-class medical services at a reasonable cost for all.

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