Lost Copper-T

History of Lost Copper-T

History of Lost Copper-T

A young female presented to OPD with the complaint of lost Copper-T that was inserted 9 years ago.  She had conceived 2 years later thus, she wanted to get it removed.  She has visited multiple specialists and had undergone several procedures to get removed but all failed.  Thankfully she came across Dr. Harsha Rajpal, Chief of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynae, who advised MRI for abdomen which showed the location of Copper T around the Sigmoid Colon.

As a part of her diagnosis, coloscopy was performed and the lost Copper T was seen to adhere to the colon wall but could not be removed.  Dr. Harsha Rajpal took a bold decision to operate on the patient and removed the Copper T successfully.

The patient is now happy and healthy.

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