10 Dialysis in 11 Days to Save a man from Celphos poisoning death

Doctors at Smart Hospital, Ghaziabad have reportedly saved a 40 year old from celphos poisoning.  The patient had a multi-organ failure and almost no chance of survival.

Before being presented to the doctors, the patient is said to have consumed 10 doses of celphos tablets– an agricultural pesticide known to result in acute kidney failure if consumed by humans. The patient took the tablets along with alcohol consumption which further worsened the case. He reported symptoms like severe upper abdomen pain, shortness of breath, vomiting, etc.

In general, the hospital has previously admitted many patients with poison consumption and similar suicidal attempts but this case particularly turned out to be one of the most challenging ones.  It took the doctors 10 days and 11 dialysis to stabilise the organs of the patient.

The patient was put on a ventilator immediately after his admission. The first dialysis started almost 30 hours after the diagnosis, his condition initially deteriorated, and was put on oxygen support for a couple of days. His general situation started improving on the 8th day of admission and was able to breathe without any external support.

His lung injury and kidney condition eventually improved and was discharged to be taken care at home along with prescribed vitals.


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