Avoid Winter Joint Pain and Arthritis

How to Survive Winter Joint Pain & Arthritis?

Prevent Winter Joint Pain and Arthritis

Arthritis literally translates into inflammation or welling the joints causing difficulty in bone movements. The common symptoms of arthritis include joint pain, stiffness, burning sensation which worsens as you age.  The simple reason behind the disease is degeneration of the bones. Over a period of time cartilage starts to wear off.  Without cartilage protection, the bones have to work harder and constantly rub against each other causing friction, thus severe pain.

Severe Arthritis in Winters

During the winter, the number of senior citizens seeking treatment for bone and joint disorders increases by 50%. Pain, swelling, stiffness, exhaustion, and other common rheumatoid arthritis symptoms are more difficult to regulate in the winter for many Rheumatoid arthritis patients. As the winter weather sets in, some persons experience increased joint pain.

Why it happens?

Although arthritis affects people throughout the year the condition tends to get severe during the winters.  The harsh weather during the season creates cold spasms in the joints making general movements like holding a glass, walking, moving fingers extremely painful.

Here are a few other reasons why Arthritis flares up in winters:

  • Sensitive pain receptors during winters.
  • Muscle spasms during the winters make bones stiff and harder to move.
  • The reduced blood circulation in fingers and toenails worsens the pain.
  • Lower Vitamin D during the cold season weakens the bones, thus interfering with their functions.

  How to Manage Winter Arthritis?

  • Dress Warmly

Dress according to the climate of your area, but consider wearing warm clothes during the winter months.  Ensure extra layer on areas like toes, knee, and other prone areas.

  • Hydrate

Staying hydrated can help your bones reduce friction and keep your body active leaving you less pain-sensitive.

  • Exercise

Do not make the mistake of skipping physical activity in the chilly winters. People with joint pain should keep their bodies active during the cold climate.

  • Keep Yourself Warm and Cozy

To keep oneself warm when resting or sleeping, use an electric heating pad, a hot water bag, or an electric blanket. Heating pads are better for isolated locations where joints have stiffened and become uncomfortable due to the cold.


  • Take Bath with Lukewarm Water

There’s no other bliss like taking a hot shower. This can become a healing practice for people with Arthritis and joint pains. Do take a soothing pain relief hot bath when hit by severe pain.

  • Supplement Vitamin D

One of the primary reasons for Arthritis is lack of Vitamin D which consequently weakens the bones and raises the risk of Osteoporosis.

  • Talk to Your Doctor

Almost 50 percent of the urban population is prone to diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis and it takes no time in becoming chronic.  Thus, one must reach out to an Orthopedic as soon as one spots the symptoms.

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